St Peter's Churchyard Stories

This page provides links to stories about people whose graves are in St Peter's churchyard.  

It has been developed through a project started in 2021 to record the stories from families, friends and residents of those buried in the churchyard within living memory and to research and document those in the older graves. St Peter's and the graveyard were constructed in 1818 so there are no graves earlier than that.  

We have deliberately called them 'stories' as, whilst they are researched and checked for accuracy as far as possible, they are as much from people's memories as from firm data. And of course they do genuinely tell the story of that person as far as it is known. Where there are family connections between several graves these have been linked together. Sometimes the stories bring in other items of wider interest as well or links to further sources. Pictures and locations of the gravestones themselves are included.

We hope the stories will be of interest to family and local historians.  


If you would like to add a new story or have further details for one of the stories already here, please contact the team via


People's names are shown below as links (listed alphabetically by surname): click on the link to see their story. 

The Ballantine family

George and Margaret Charlton

Arthur George Dufaud Crawshay

Stanley Dalton

Tommy Dewar

Mary Ebege

John English and family

Joseph Fisher

Margaret Golightly

Mary Gray

George Hebron

Ann Hubie

Beatrix Laing and Ellen Dorothea Laing

Sir Alexander Leith

Mary Lowry

Jane Newmarch and Susan Newmarch

John Henry and Maud Pitman

Mary Ann Reed and family, Jane Allgood

Mary Rutherford

Ann and James Simmonds

Dora Simmonds and Mary Simmonds

Taylor Family

Ellen Vass and John Vass

The Wragg family