2. Simonburn and the surrounding area

Here are some photographs of Simonburn and the surrounding area - several taken in Spring 2013 - but the first one, just below, taken on 4th November 2013, just up the road near Greencarts. (Can you spot the plane?)

This is the churchyard in sunlight.

Here's a similar view taken from the Lych Gate.

This is a view of Simonburn, taken from the same spot in the Lych Gate.

The 'classic' view of Simonburn.

This is the Temple of Mithras - a noted archaeological monument, close to Hadrian's Wall.

Finally, here's a view taken on the Hadrian's Wall path, just above Simonburn.

(Aren't mobile phone cameras wonderful these days?)

St Mungo's, Simonburn
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